Book your interest in one of the premiere projects of Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries, that is leading the world towards smart cities. A smart city does not mean cities with heavy technology advanced features, but cities that are designed with amenities that are well organized and well managed. A city becomes smart, by smart construction, and smart projects. One such smart project is coming at Sims drive in Singapore, called as Sims Urban Oasis. This project has been creating a lot of hype, even before it actually is even complete.

book your interest in one of the premiere projects of singapore

What is the hype about Urban Oasis?

The sims drive urban oasis is not yet complete, but is scheduled to complete by 2018. The work is going extremely well, and the project is on schedule. The features of this project are what are creating hype about it. The buzz and the hype got enhanced when the developers invited interest from future residents for this project. This world class excellent project is being developed by Guocoland, one of the elite and extremely famous developers of Singapore.

Details about the project:

The sims urban oasis project is supposed to have approximately 3 towers in it. All these three towers will have approximately 25 floors. The total number of units will be approximately 900-1100. There will be mixture of units with variety of bedrooms. Some will have just 1 bedroom, whereas few units will have 2, 3 and 4 as well. The units will be basically facing only in two main sides. One side will be Pan Expressway road facing, and the other will be sims drive road facing. The features, because of its location will have unblocked view.

Other features:

This sims drive private condo is located at such a location that it is very close to two major stations that will connect it to the city. Not only that, it is also very close to shopping malls, industrial hub, and recreational centers, thus providing the residence with all required amenities.

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Ultimate Residential Living Standards For Your Advanced Requirements

Leading life amicably in one of the NorthPark residences will ensure that you realize a perfect feeling of getting pampered to the core. By understanding the importance of community living in the condominium that you prefer in Singapore, it is possible to you in coming across exclusive deals offering you increased benefits in an exact manner that you consider to the core. Organizing your living priorities on the basis of modern living conditions will prove to be major boost to you. Multiple features considered with the availability of maximum amenities will prove to be highly effective on an additional basis. Each residential unit serves your preferences in an exact way that you consider.

ultimate residential living standards for your advanced requirements

Perfect Community Features To Increase The Value Of Living Standards

Determining the key aspects will let you come across exclusive real estate offers for the most competitive NorthPark residences prices. Instead of spending a fortune of the lackluster deals offering you no real benefits, it is necessary that you consider top deals offering you the much needed comfort in an exact fashion that you desire. Unleash the most valuable living comfort in a diverse manner that you expect to the core. Perhaps, this proactive feature that you consider to the core will prove to be most effective to you by every means.

Robust Property Development In Singapore For Your Premium Living Standards

North Park residences are best known for the multiple benefits they are known to offer to their customers as per the current standards prevalent in the industry. Booking early before anyone could access the available offers will lead you towards the realization of top features in an exact manner that you consider. Ultimately, you realize a major boost as far as perfect property development along with investment is considered. Prestigious residential ventures that you consider on an additional basis too will prove to be most effective to you eventually.

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Ultimate relaxation with the symphony suites

While arranging a honeymoon trek individuals have a long list of things to get. Individuals would like their end to be a perfect blend of fascinating and advanced world. The spot ought to be in the midst of common surroundings so individual can appreciate the organization of one’s darling in the characteristic surroundings.

ultimate relaxation with the symphony suites

Delight of the accommodation

In the meantime individuals wish to delight in the best of accommodation. On the off chance that they wish to go out they would like the spot to be lively with a lot of exercises. Singapore offers this in an advantageous bundle. Singapore hotels are perfect for honeymooners. You can discover symphony suites in Singapore amidst the city or on some islet at the edge of the city. Kevin Laura is a master travel and tourism essayist. She is an occupant of Singapore and composes on traveler places, hotels in Singapore and accommodation issues frequently. In her article you can discover far reaching data on both, Singapore hotels and Singapore shoddy hotels.

Simple reservation options

Singapore hotel reservation is simple; you can book one for you from the comfort of your home or on arriving at Singapore. There is a hotel reservation counter at the airplane terminal and you can process administrations at the counter to book a hotel for you. A standout amongst the most favored hotels in Singapore is Symphony Suites. It has been changed over into a national landmark and its history goes again to late nineteenth century. The Fullerton hotel amidst expressions and business areas of the Singapore is an alternate mainstream decision proposed for honeymoon couples. In the event that you wish to stay in the common surroundings in the extraordinary Singapore the Beaufort in the Sentosa may be the perfect decision for you. Whatever is your decision of Singapore hotel, rest guaranteed of expert consideration with astounding straightforwardness.

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Residences for your absolute comfort

Staying in a bustling metropolis can be an inimitable experience. The heady feeling of working, success and the feeling of exhilaration it brings is something that is quite incomparable. There are so many people who throng to Singapore for making their careers and this metropolitan city has been built by umpteen such professionals and working folk. Work is essential and forms the basis for earnings and a good lifestyle, but people also need a suitable residence to unwind, and enjoy the life part of the work-life balance equation.

residences for your absolute comfort

Comfortable residential amenities

If you want to enjoy a lifestyle that is the envy of the city, a beach condo would be just so right. This is because beach condos have all the amenities and facilities that discerning folks expect from their residences. Whether it is well appointed rooms, beautifully outfitted furnishings and designer layouts, there is nothing quite lacking in such residences. You may have to shell out some extra dollars to book a beach condo but there is nothing that suggests that it is not a wise decision. It is really no wonder that the prospect of buying a coveted beach condo is topmost among the minds of so many of the jet-setters in Singapore.

Choosing well

When you look at South beach residences for purchase, you need to make a carefully weighed and considered decision. This is of paramount importance because you would be investing a serious amount of money for such a residence. Whether you decide to stay on your own or rent out the beach condo, the appreciation in value of the residence over the years is quite assured. Those who have an eye for a sound investment would vouch for the soundness of this decision which you should not lose too much time in taking.

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This Singapore Shopping Season, Buy an elegant Home

Singapore maybe your workplace, home, or shopping destination, or to you it may mean a historical city built on immigration and trade with streets full of opportunities or heartbreak. Today it is a country with 40% of its population being of global origin having the highest trade to GDP ratio in the world. The Real Estate investment opportunities offered by Qingjian Realty at Singapore are an ideal way to invest in this country.

singapore shopping season buy elegant home

A real opportunity in Real Estate

Keeping in mind that the proven track record of the developer, Qingjian Realty offers reliability and the neighborhood of Anchorvale offers fast paced growth for investors. The Bellewaters EC is a brand new executive condo coming up in a suburban town in the north-eastern part of Singapore, falling under the Urban Redevelopment Authority, which boasts of one of the highest plot ratio of land available for executive condominium development. The Kupang LRT is just adjacent to the Sengkang city so a number of expressways will allow you to reach business hubs and shopping districts from your Bellewaters Executive Condominium in around 30 minutes.

Future growth and current investment

The Sengkang district is located close to the Punggol Waterfront which is an extensive waterfront area with extensive watersport facilities. Keeping in mind that the rich in Singapore can play golf in the city centre, this is a critical feature for real estate in Singapore. At District 19 where Sengkang have quite a few projects have already been finished and are standing tall. Beside these completed projects there are further opportunities as Bellewaters Sengkang is offering investment opportunities in several ongoing and future schemes. These ECs are all high end schemes offering world class facilities like 24 hour security, clubhouses, tennis courts, spas and playgrounds. Adding to the value of your investment is the location itself, which is already quite popular with shopping malls, existing high end projects, several renowned schools and of course the upcoming Waterway Point in Punggol.

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World Class Facilities at Marine Blue Singapore

It is the dream of every man to own a beautiful house in a posh locality or in some popular city like Paris, New York, Singapore etc. The better is the location, higher are the rates. This makes it nearly impossible to own a house with wonderful architecture and superb location. But still there are lots of builders and developers who offer medium range flats, house and apartments in the location of your choice. Singapore is usually known for its luxuries, expensive lifestyle and amazing locations. Marine blue has come up with wonderful housing proposals and have even started working on it. They offer affordable condominium with all sorts of luxuries packed in it. Singapore being the most happening city, hence many housing schemes are in the process. But Marine Blue condo is the best in class and its type.

world class facilities at marine blue singapore

One can buy any type of condo depending on the requirement, choice and affordability. Ownership of the condominium developed by Marine Blue Singapore is purely legal. The apartments developed are full of world class luxury and the most distinct feature is its position. It is located in the center of the city hence all places are not distant and other useful places are also very near. The major things which most buyers keep in mind while renting or owning an apartment is the distance from educational institutions and office. As the apartment is located in the heart of the city hence most educational institutes are at arm’s length. Thus it is not a problem for those who have children who are studying in school or colleges. Top reputed international schools are very near to the location. Hence children can receive the best education.

Marine Blue condo is located at such a place from where local primary schools are not very distant as they all lie in a radius of 3 km or less. Major top schools are Tanjong Katong Girls School, St. Patrick’s School, Hag Girls School, Northlight School, Victoria Jr. School, Chung Cheng High School are some of local schools of Singapore. Canadian International in Campus of Tanjong Katong and East campus of Chatsworth International are some of the international schools to name which are very near to Marine blue. The developers assure for the brilliant location with high life style and prestigious educational institutions for wonderful future.

There is full arrangement for the refreshment of not only children but for adults too. Marine blue Singapore does not only include apartments but place for refreshment activities too like a jogging park, park for cycling and playing of both children and adults. Other water activities are also included in the condo. The developers have taken all the precaution relating to security measure and safety of every individual is their first priority. The apartments are close to popular swimming pools and clubs. The club offers various sports with leisure activities to enjoy a healthy living.

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