Most demanding property: City Gate of Singapore

The demand for more office space has increased to a large extent in the recent times. The expansion of land is being done in order to provide for the office space. The needs of the office workers also have to be looked after. The older complexes present in the area such as Golden Mile do not have the sufficient resource and are not able to provide for the needs of the people. The needs of good quality living cannot be satisfied by the older complexes. The new complex in form of City Gate will look after all these needs.

most demanding property city gate of singapore


The amounts of supplies hence have to be improved. The demands for newer residential spaces are being capitalized upon by the different developers. The developers are redeveloping the complexes or even converting the older existing offices into new properties for different kinds of usages.

In the present times, the Grade A type offices are placing the smaller offices in City Gate. The loss of smaller living space although will not make much difference. The construction of this complex will renew the entire district which makes up the Beach road area.

Selling points

Some other selling points of the area would be further enhanced with the redevelopment of the area. The closeness of the new complex to sports hub as well as different shopping districts will make it really appealing to different kinds of people.

Tenant attraction

The entire Beach road area will be transformed into something entirely new with the construction of City Gate. The entire development is supposed to be completed within the earlier part of the year 2019. The finesse of the newly constructed buildings will be such that the different landlords will definitely have to rethink of redesigning the older buildings. This has to be done in order to attract the new tenants or even retain the older ones.

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