Different details regarding the Peak residences discussed

Although most of the times, the Peak residences is the topic of discussion, yet one must not forget that this is a combined project. The residences are of course the toast of the town, with the beautiful views as well as the plethora of facilities. Whatever should be present in a top residence in the world can be found at the Peak too. Lots of factors come into play to make the Peak the top residence in the world. The different factors have been discussed in this article.

different details regarding the peak residences discussed


  • There are some obvious factors making the Peak residences one of the best in the world, such as its fabulous looks as well as beautiful views.
  • Although the reasons for the Peak being the most coveted residence are many. Firstly the work force of the present time is youth and the demand for the residence is only going to rise owing to the large scale housing formation.
  • The growth of GDP in the country is increasing with each passing day, promising for a bright future.
  • Other than the location of the Peak itself, the location of Cambodia is such that it reaps the economic growth of all the surrounding countries including, Thailand, India, China as well as Vietnam.


The Peak residences hold a free tender. The development that would take place here is a mixture of residential complex, shopping mall as well as other facilities. 1/2/3/4 bedroom units can be found in the area. One needs to pay a certain amount of booking fee to get registered. Payment has to be made here too by the payment of legal fees, stamp duty, tax on property as well as revenue being generated from rental of the place. The VAT and revenue generated tax is 10% each. A capital gain tax is applicable for corporate houses too.

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