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Singapore is one of the countries, that is leading the world towards smart cities. A smart city does not mean cities with heavy technology advanced features, but cities that are designed with amenities that are well organized and well managed. A city becomes smart, by smart construction, and smart projects. One such smart project is coming at Sims drive in Singapore, called as Sims Urban Oasis. This project has been creating a lot of hype, even before it actually is even complete.

book your interest in one of the premiere projects of singapore

What is the hype about Urban Oasis?

The sims drive urban oasis is not yet complete, but is scheduled to complete by 2018. The work is going extremely well, and the project is on schedule. The features of this project are what are creating hype about it. The buzz and the hype got enhanced when the developers invited interest from future residents for this project. This world class excellent project is being developed by Guocoland, one of the elite and extremely famous developers of Singapore.

Details about the project:

The sims urban oasis project is supposed to have approximately 3 towers in it. All these three towers will have approximately 25 floors. The total number of units will be approximately 900-1100. There will be mixture of units with variety of bedrooms. Some will have just 1 bedroom, whereas few units will have 2, 3 and 4 as well. The units will be basically facing only in two main sides. One side will be Pan Expressway road facing, and the other will be sims drive road facing. The features, because of its location will have unblocked view.

Other features:

This sims drive private condo is located at such a location that it is very close to two major stations that will connect it to the city. Not only that, it is also very close to shopping malls, industrial hub, and recreational centers, thus providing the residence with all required amenities.

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